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Kenozooid is software used to plan and analyse diving activities. Features like dive data plotting and analysis, dive planning and dive computer support along with simple but powerful logbook maintenance are already implemented.

Kenozooid has powerful, component based architecture and integrates well with existing technologies like R for plotting and dive data analysis or Universal Dive Data Format for data storage.

Software developers may find Kenozooid library is perfect for various applications due its open nature, architecture driving modular design and implementation, data search and maninpulation functions and support for UDDF standard.

Kenozooid is free software licensed under terms of GPL license.


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User Manual contains Kenozooid tutorial, tour of the supported functions and their detailed description including data workflows and dive data analysis examples.

Software developers interested in reusing Kenozooid code in their own applications should study Kenozooid Library documentation and its extensive API Documentation.

Hacking Guide is written for those interested in Kenozooid architecture, design and implementation.

All Kenozooid's documentation can be downloaded as EPUB file.

Kenozooid uses UDDF to store diving related data. The UDDF specification may be read at UDDF specification page.

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Diving equipment is required to descent under the water for longer periods of time. Correctly used dive computers and related software allow to analyze previous dives and plan the next ones to simplify whole adventure.

Purpose of Kenozooid project is to help with dive planning and understanding diving requirements but it is not and never will be about switching off diver's brain.

“plan the dive, check equipment, dive the plan” — author unknown

This software comes without warranty. It is diver's responsibility to use it wisely and check his or her equipment before every dive.