GeoTiler features are

  1. Very easy map API, which can be used in interactive and non-interactive way with other libraries, i.e. matplotlib, Cairo, Qt, etc.

  2. Supported multiple map tiles providers, i.e. OpenStreetMap, Stamen and Blue Marble.

  3. Allow to configure map providers API keys.

  4. Asynchronous and synchronous map tiles downloader.

  5. Map tiles caching with Redis and support for custom caching strategies.

  6. The library design supports extensibility. Implement custom map tiles providers, tiles downloading or caching strategies within minutes.


To install GeoTiler use pip:

pip install --user geotiler


Project Status

The source code of GeoTiler is based on Python port of Modest Maps project.

The GeoTiler project initial focus has been on

  • library API improvements

  • simplifying library design

  • user documentation

  • ensuring OpenStreetMap, Stamen and Blue Marble map providers work

  • reimplementing default map tiles caching to use LRU cache (and now we switched to no cache by default)

  • implementing Redis based map tiles cache

  • moving docstrings tests to unit test modules

  • Python 3 support

  • making code PEP-8 compliant

You can help by

  • testing map providers and reporting bugs

  • providing more examples, i.e. how to integrate GeoTiler with various GUI toolkits

  • implementing new caching strategies, i.e. memcached or PyLRU

  • working on unit tests

  • making code even more PEP-8 compliant