Project Information


Diving features

  1. Buhlmann diving decompression model with gradient factors by Erik Baker - ZH-L16B-GF and ZH-L16C-GF.
  2. Nitrox and trimix gas mixes.
  3. Unlimited amount of travel and decompression gas mixes.
  4. Altitude diving.
  5. Algorithm validation (i.e. check if first decompression stop is at ascent ceiling).

Library features

  1. Classes and function extensible via Object Oriented Programming and generators.
  2. Calculated data is returned as iterator allowing interaction with the DecoTengu library at any stage of calculation.
  3. Supported command line utilities for decompression stops calculation, dive data saving in a CSV file and plotting of the data.
  4. Highly configurable (surface pressure, ascent rate, descent rate, meter to bar conversion constants, etc.).
  5. Supported various alternative implementations for performance and accuracy comparison purposes
    1. For decompression calculations without exponential function.
    2. For decompression calculations using fixed point arithmetic.
    3. Naive algorithms implemented by some dive computers and diving software.


DecoTengu depends on Python 3.3 or later.

To install DecoTengu from PyPi

$ pip install --user decotengu

To use latest version of DecoTengu from source code repository

$ git clone
$ cd decotengu
$ export PYTHONPATH=$(pwd)
$ export PATH=$(pwd)/bin


$ git clone
$ cd decotengu
$ python3 build
$ python3 install --user

DecoTengu provides dt-plot script, which requires R. This is optional.