DecoTengu 0.14.1

  • carefully account for floating point inaccuracy when calculating ascent and first decompression stop

DecoTengu 0.14.0

  • fixed first stop decompression algorithm to not ignore ascent target

DecoTengu 0.13.0

  • change algorithm calculating length of decompression stop to check ascent ceiling limit without ascending to next decompression stop; this makes total decompression time of a dive longer by about 1 minute, but takes the same approach towards close ascent ceiling limit as in case of default first decompression stop search; it also boosts performance of the algorithm

DecoTengu 0.12.0

  • first decompression stop validator improvements

DecoTengu 0.11.0

  • use exponential function group homomorphism exp(x + y) = exp(x) * exp(y) to reimplement tabular calculator
  • above forced redesign of decompression model code with API changes
    • TissueCalculator class is removed
    • eq_schreiner function is removed
    • TabTissueCalculator class is replaced with TabExp class and all other classes and functions related to tabular calculations are removed including tabular first decompression stop finder
  • the overall redesign of decompression model and tabular calculations code
    • is much simpler with 10% lines of overall codebase removed
    • uses less memory for tabular calculations
    • boosts performance of basic decompression engine by 20% and tabular based decompression engine by almost 300%
  • changed all methods and functions to accept time in minutes instead of time in seconds

DecoTengu 0.10.0

  • implemented new, faster and simpler algorithm finding first decompression stop
  • old algorithm finding first decompression stop, based on binary search, moved to decotengu.alt.bisect module as it still can be used for comparison purposes

DecoTengu 0.9.0

  • memory usage improvements
  • API change: decompression table is Engine.deco_table attribute instead of being a coroutine

DecoTengu 0.8.0

  • implemented tabular tissue saturation calculator to allow decompression calculations without exponential function
  • implemented naive algorithm calculating length of decompression stop using 1 minute interval; to be used for comparison purposes only
  • implemented initial support for calculations with decimal data type
  • various performance improvements

DecoTengu 0.7.0

  • added documentation section about algorithms related to dive ascent
  • various bug fixes

DecoTengu 0.6.0

  • dive time changed to be dive bottom time (includes descent time)
  • allow to configure last decompression stop at 6m
  • various bug fixes
  • API changes
    • added new dive phase GAS_MIX to allow identify gas mix switch easily
    • DECOSTEP dive phase renamed to DECO_STEP
    • ZH_L16_GF.pressure_limit renamed to ZH_L16_GF.ceiling_limit
  • internal API changes
    • Engine._inv_ascent renamed to Engine._inv_limit
    • Engine._inv_deco_stop accepts time parameter to enable last decompression stop at 6m
    • Engine._deco_ascent replaced with Engine._deco_stop, the latter method does not perform any ascent anymore, just calculates decompression stop

DecoTengu 0.5.0

  • check if dive is NDL dive before starting dive ascent
  • dt-plot script reimplemented to use R core plotting functions (ggplot2 no longer required)
  • added legend to plots created by dt-plot script
  • added documentation section about comparing dive decompression data with dt-plot script

DecoTengu 0.4.0

  • trimix support implemented
  • travel gas mixes can be added to gas mix list
  • added Buhlmann equation description to the documentation

DecoTengu 0.3.0

  • all calculations are performed using pressure instead of depth
  • implemented deco model validator to check if first decompression stop is at ascent ceiling

DecoTengu 0.2.0

  • gas mix switch is performed in more controlled manner
  • API has changed as conveyor functionality is removed from decompression engine class; instead, conveyor objects can be used to expand dive profile dive steps by replacing Engine.calculate method
  • added more detailed Schreiner equation description

DecoTengu 0.1.0

  • initial release